Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

vertical leaf filter

For clean operation, prevention of leaks, corrosion and operating difficulties

  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Totally enclosed construction
  • Easy to automate
  • Fully hydraulic operation
  • No disconnection of piping when opening
  • Filter leafs remain stationary, no cake dropping during opening
  • Quick closer with long gasket lifetime
  • Filter leafs with double “0” –ring to prevent bypass
  • Tailored for your needs
  • Decreases maintenance costs
pressure leaf filter

Can be used for:

  • For dry or wet cake discharge
  • Leading size range up to 200 m²
  • Vertical or horizontal

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Most common used pressure leaf filter 

The Pressure Leaf Filter is the most common used pressure leaf filter in the market, this filter have been around for more than 70 years, even though its design have not changed that much it still one of the most reliable unit when it comes to high flow rates that requires filtration areas above 120m², it can also be used for smaller applications. 

We have managed to absorb the knowledge of this all-time trust wordy unit and optimise it to increase performance and adapt it to the automation world concept. 
By understanding it, we can also design the best process to work with it. 


Vertical leaf filter is suitable for:


Sulphur Processing Amine Treating Chlor-alkali Mining & metallurgy Chemical Process Industry Foods & Beverages
sulphur amine treating chlor-alkali mining & metallurgy chemical process industry food & beverages


Pressure vessel code and inspections:

Design code according PED 2014/68/EU with CE marking or ASME VIII with “U”-stamp.

Certifications: for JIL, Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR), SQLO, AS1210 Inspection by Lloyds, TÜV, SVDB and others.



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