Sulphur Processing

Sulphur Melting

Sulphur Melting

Sulphur Filtration

Sulphur Filtration

Sulphur Instrumentation

Sulphur Instrumentation

Sulphur Modules

Sulphur Modules

Process Design

Process Design

Sulphur Prilling

Sulphur Prilling

Sulphur Melting

Above Ground Sulphur Melter

Sulphurnet melters are above-ground tanks with steam coils, which provide the energy required for melting solid sulphur.

The main advantages are:

Better heat transfer

Less settling

Continuous operation due to heavy solids remaining in the melting tank

No need to shut down the melter and no manual cleaning

Which saves time and has less sulphur wasting

Flash Sulphur Melter™

Specialised to handle sulphur with high impurities and moisture contents.


  • Compact design (small plot space)
  • Increased capacity of existing melting plant
  • No moving parts, low maintenance cost
  • No internal coils, less corrosion
  • Can handle sulphur with high water contents
  • Suitable for powder type of sulphur
  • Less foaming issues

Sulphur Filtration

Liquid Sulphur Polishing Filter

The primary purpose of the Liquid Sulphur Polishing Filter is to remove the last contaminants such as filter aids, ashes, etc, that might plug the catalyst mass.

The removal of solid contaminants reduces pollution of the waste heat boiler and pressure build up in the convertor downstream in the acid plant. This to decreases maintenance cost and improves the operation time of the sulphuric acid plant.

Sulphurnet Self Cleaning Candle Filter .

Liquid Sulphur Filter

The Liquid Sulphur Filter removes contaminants, such as ash and bitumen, which can plug the catalyst mass downstram in the Converter. 

Some of the advantages are: 

  • Decreases maintenance costs and improves the operation time of the plant
  • Reduction of contamination reduces the acidity of the sulphur and reduces corrosion
  • Retractable tank and fixed cover, no need to disconnect pipelines for cleaning procedures. 
  • Filter leafs remain stationary, no cake dropping during opening
  • Quick closure with long gasket lifetime
  • Filter leafs with double “O” ring to prevent by-pass 
  • Fully hydraulic operation
  • Tailor-made to your specifications

Self-Cleaning Strainer

The Self-Cleaning Sulphur Strainer removes unwanted particles from liquid sulphur without manual intervention or dangerous situations.

A very effective system where the pre or final filtration in the range of 30-1000 micron range is required.
Its robust construction makes it suitable for industrial applications where reliability and continuous operation are essential.

Self Cleaning Sulphur Strainer Sulphurnet

Sulphur Modules

Modular units for sulphur melting and filtration. These units can be combined to create a complete compact sulphur melting and purification plant that is adaptable for a broad range of capacities, from 5 to 300 Mt sulphur/day.

High Quality Sulphur

Completely Efficient

Adaptable to your needs

Easy to transport

Process Design

Sulphurnet engineering department comprises of engineers from all disciplines to facilitate all aspects of an industrial project. Our goal is to be involved in projects from their initial stages, in order to guide our clients and help them apply the best technologies and processes. We focus on advice and the optimization of CAPEX, OPEX, efficiency and quality, with knowledge gathered from many installations around the world.

Process Design Sulphurnet

Sulphur Prilling

Sulphurnet collaborates with Kreber in the development of equipment to create High Quality Sulphur Prills.

Sulphur prills in bulk offers significant advantages:

  • Excellent ‘free flowing’ properties
  • Low tendency to stick and agglomerate
  • Distinguished for air lifting
  • Highly resistant to abrasion or damage
  • Minimal dust formation
  • Well suited for transportation in road tankers, containers and big bags
  • Excellently storable in silo installations
  • Precise dosage
  • No additives needed; pure materials


Radar Level Indicator

Sulphur Radar Level Indicator

Turbidity Analyzer

Turbidity Analyser
Turbidity Analyser Control Sulphurnet

Pressure Indicator


Temperature Transmitter Sulphurnet


Flowmeter Sulphurnet