Sulphur Melting & Purification: Brighter Production


Do you need more production volume, improved sulphur quality or reduced maintenance costs?

When you know your objectives, we can work out the best solution for your sulphur processing needs. We can provide melting and purification solutions with true turnkey service. Let us do all the work for you with our full design package.

All of our systems can be pre-fabricated and assembled on-site, and complete plants can be fully automated. Our systems also meet all the Health, Safety and Environmental regulations and we build all piping and equipment above ground. That means that it will be easy for you to perform maintenance on your plant.


Our areas of expertise:

We have experience from production of sulphur processing for the sulphuric acid industry as well as activities in sulphur re-processing and sulphur forming.

sulphur processing for the sulphuric acid industry

sulphur re-processing and sulphur forming

The sulphur design package:

We at Sulphurnet are happy to provide everything you need for your complete sulphur filtration process: process engineering services, filtration systems and all the necessary tools that are needed to make the process completed. We are using the latest technology, have experience more than 30 years and are committed to offer successful process solutions.

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Sulphur services

We offer several services around filtration.

Engineering services:

  • From Basic to Detailed Engineering or Full construction of your sulphur melting plant


  • Troubleshooting: recognition of bottlenecks
  • Review of your existing plant
  • Examination of the P & ID and equipment sizing
  • Training operating personnel


  • Support in safety analyses
  • Project Management
  • Preparation and review of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)


  • Commissioning & start-up support

Research & development

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Filtration solutions

Here you can find our sulphur filtration solutions.

pressure leaf filter

Pressure Leaf Filters

The Liquid Sulphur Filter removes contaminants, such as ash and bitumen, which can plug the catalyst mass downstream in the Converter.



Some of the advantages are:

  • Decreases maintenance costs and improves the operation time of the plant
  • Reduction of contamination reduces the acidity of the sulphur and reduces corrosion
  • Retractable tank and fixed cover, no need to disconnect pipelines for cleaning procedures
  • Filter leafs remain stationary, no cake dropping during opening
  • Quick Closure with long gasket lifetime
  • Filter leafs with double "O"-ring to prevent by-pass
  • Fully hydraulic operation
  • Tailor-made to your specifications

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Flash melter

Sulphur Melting Systems

The main purpose of the Sulphur Melting Systems is to obtain good agitation and residence time, and to have a good contact between the acid & lime. Sulphur melting systems significantly increase the heat transfer coefficient. We offer various designs of melting equipment, such as aboveground melters with a carbon steel brick lining.

Do you know your objectives? 


Our latest development is the Flash Melter™:

  • Can handle sulphur with high moisture contents
  • Maintenance free
  • Quick evaporation of moisture results in a moisture-free liquid sulphur, without foaming
  • Gives the ideal amount of energy, No foaming or clumping
  • Increases the melting capacity of operational sulphur melting plants
  • Excellent efficiency with the primary filter
  • Better heat transfer due to good agitation
  • Less corrosion due to good neutralization
  • Fewer sulphur losses
  • Protects equipment down stream
  • Optional gas scrubbers available


self-cleaning candle filter

Self-Cleaning Candle Filter

The primary purpose of the Self-Cleaning Candle Filter (SCCF) is to achieve the most optimal filtration results and to remove any remaining contaminants from the sulphur. A filtration efficiency as low as 5 ppm can be achieved.



Benefits for sulphuric acid plants: 

  • Cleaning is performed by back blowing with air to be efficient and thorough
  • Helps to reduce the pressure differential build-up in the converter
  • Reduces maintenance costs and operational losses of the acid plant
  • Can also be installed in existing plants
  • Automated cleaning
  • Fine filtration at the sub-micron level for acid plants / catalyst protection
  • Closed systems, no emissions


Find out more information about Self Cleaning Candle Filter


self-cleaning sulphur strainer

Self-Cleaning Sulphur Strainer

The objective of the Self-Cleaning Sulphur Strainer is to remove unwanted particles from liquid sulphur. A very effective system where pre- or final filtration in the 30-1000 micron range is required.


Benefits for sulphur recovery plants: 

  • Loss of sulphur is minimal
  • Drainage is controlled independently by a control system
  • Number of moving parts is limited
  • There is no need for external assistance
  • The best sealing materials are used to suit sulphur processing
  • No components require lubrication. This results in minimal maintenance and zero contamination of the liquid by the lubricant
  • Can be fitted with a filter strainer rated at 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 300, 500 or 1000 microns.

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Parts, accessories & consumables to complete your filtration solution:

  • Sampling Equipment
  • Valves
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Sulphur Sampling Valve
  • Filter Leafs

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