Self-Cleaning Sulphur Strainer

self cleaning strainer

Removes unwanted particles from liquid sulphur without manual intervention or dangerous situations.

  • A very effective system were the pre- or final filtration-in the range of 30-1000 micron range is required
  • Its robust construction makes it suitable for industrial applications where reliability and continuous operation are essential
  • Loss of sulphur is minimal
  • Drainage is controlled individually by an control system
  • Number of moving parts is limited
  • There is no need for external assistance
  • Offers the best sealing materials to suit sulphur processing
  • An easy-to-change sealing box even makes customized solutions possible
  • Only components that require no lubrication are used. This means a minimum of maintenance and no contamination of the liquid by the lubricant
  • Can be fitted with a filter strainer rated at 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 300, 500 or 1000 microns.
  • Can be delivered with approval for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Special versions can be supplied according to your requirements
  • Made of carbon steel or proof stainless steel

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How does the Self-Cleaning Strainer works?

  1. Sulphur flows from the inside to the outside of the filter elements.
  2. Dirt particles are retained on the inside surface of the filter element.
  3. Rotating scrapers ensure that the filter has a very high dirt removal capacity due to the frequent scraping of the surface.
  4. A number of angled positioned, rotating scrapers push the solid particles down into the sludge chamber where a concentrated slurry is formed.
  5. This slurry is drained at appropriated intervals through a discharge valve at the bottom of the filter.


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