Unique filter design processes

Sulphurnet brings together knowledge of filter media, filtration technology and outstanding skills in mechanical engineering, creating solutions where hardware and software work successfully together. The people behind the company are trained engineers who offer professional advice and support for you. We can do it all: workshops to one-year projects and everything in between.


New ways for chemicals and hardware to work together

We like working efficiently. That’s why you’ll be sitting down with the right people right away. Your first point of contact is our consultant, who will discuss your project frameworks with you. To remain flexible, we work using a circular model. We bring a balanced team together for each project.

sulphur process

Redesign services

We also offer redesign services, if mistakes were made that does not mean you must carry them along your plant lifetime. We can help you redesign accordingly changing only the necessaire to make you system work correctly. 

What filtration services are you looking for?

We can help you with:


Engineering Consultancy and Support Start-up R&D Training

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