Portfolio filtration projects

Our products are used in factories worldwide, from small to large. Due to confidentiality statements from various clients, we are unable to show all projects here.

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"Bateman and Sulphurnet started their working relationship in 2007 with the Sulphuric Acid plant for the Ambatovy Nickel Project in Madagascar. Sulphurnet’s scope of work comprised the design and supply of 3 pressure leaf sulphur filters with a design capacit leaf sulphur filters with a design capacity of 82 t/h. The installed filters are shown below :


sulphur filter sulphur filter


During that time, Bateman and Sulphurnet established a closer working relationship and Bateman came to rely on Sulphurnet’s knowledge, expertise and experience in the handling and treatment of sulphur. Sulphurnet has always been available to assist, discuss and evaluate innovative processing options.

Therefore Sulphurnet remains a trusted and valued partner with whom Bateman will always be willing to cooperate."

Werner Vorster – Engineering Manager – Tenova Bateman Sub Saharan Africa