Engineering Services

engineering services

Our engineering team will work closely with you to provide the best solutions, no matter what size and scale your project is. Each solution is customized according to your requirements and specific needs.

Our team has extensive experience in the areas of sulphur, amine, chemical process, chlor-alkali, mining & metallurgy and food & beverages. Audits have been conducted all over the world in numerous high profile projects.


We have the knowledge to help you with the design, engineering and production of your sulphur melting and purification plant.

Sulphurnet provides customized service throughout the complete filtration process:

  • Auditing
  • Process optimization
  • Initial study / Concept design phase
  • Basic engineering of the plant
  • Detailed engineering of the plant
  • Modular building of the plant


Designed under a new efficiency concept, adapted from over 30 years of experience in global auditing and problem-solving services in process engineering, filtration and solid liquid separation.

Our expert field is filtration, we are specialised in process filtration design and process filtration engineering for solid liquid separation and for sulphur filtration plants.

In Sulphurnet we have more than 30 years of experience regarding Sulphur Melting Plants and Sulphur Purification Plants to produce Sulphur.


We are experts in process engineering and filtration systems. We can deliver the best quality plans, adapted to your needs. We offer a Basic Engineering package to guide you through the industrial filtration process, filter design, engineering for purification or melting plant and liquid filtration engineering.

We also offer a Detailed Engineering package with all the information you need to build your Filtration Plant or your liquid sulphur filtration system, sulphur melter and the overall element necessaire for your liquid sulphur purification plant.

If you need, we can also produce and modularize a complete engineering pack with True Turnkey Service:


Modular plant design

From the base of the process idea, Sulphurnet can support the project from a Basic engineering Design to a Detailed Engineering package. Sulphurnet analyses the possibilities of Modular Fabrication & Skid Mounted Systems to shorten the implementation time of a new project.

Module building approach to reduce the risk at client’s site, reduce project duration time and overall cost. The advantages of this option include:

  • Safety: Majority fabrication and assembly in a prepared and controlled safer area to minimize the possible risk.
  • Quality: Experienced and qualified personnel, extensive testing prior to shipment, build under owned quality control system.
  • Multidisciplinary activities in parallel, no permitting system, no brownfield environment, 24/7 fabrication opportunity, overall a shorter project execution.
  • Cost: Advantages / Savings: single source project approach requires less client involvement during engineering, procurement and construction phase.

All our filtration systems are completely health safe and environmental safe: low emissions, automation and minimum operator involvement from the basis of the design. Of course, waste reduction and minimization of losses play an important role during the design.


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