Let’s introduce Sulphurnet


We at Sulphurnet, provide custom solutions for various chemical processes. We’re especially good at process engineering and filtration solutions, the entire design package; everything under one roof. Everything from Basic Process Design up to full scale production units including after services. If thinking outside the box is what you need, we are happy to help you. With bright thinking Sulphurnet imagines things others don’t, design things others can’t and delivers bright results!

Mission and values:

Sulphurnet mission is to provide best quality as a company through the latest filtration technology, knowledge of process engineering and outstanding skills in mechanical engineering, offering successful process solutions. Bright ideas, bright results! 

Sulphurnet is committed to deliver its best possible solution, we stand in our customer’s shoes. therefore, our effort is to design the most efficient solutions available in the market considering each customer individual requirement, we work ethically, with responsibility and respect not only our client but also colleagues, associates and environment. 

Sulphurnet mission and values


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