Sparkling clean saturated brine solution - Chlor-alkali


Do you want your brine solutions without any impurities? 

When you know your objectives, we can work out the best solution for your brine processing needs. We can provide a complete filtration solution with true turnkey service.

Let us do all the work for you with our full design package.

 Sulphurnet offers both non-pre-coat membrane filters and pre-coat type filters.


Chlor-Alkali filtering

We at Sulphurnet are happy to provide everything you need for your complete chlor-alkali filtration process: process engineering services, filtration systems and all the necessary tools that are needed to make the process completed. We are using the latest technology, have experience more than 30 years and are committed to offer successful process solutions.

Filtration Services Accessories

How the brine operation works?

Simple sketch of the process of saturated brine production: 

how amine works


  1. Saturated Brine is treated with chemicals
  2. The insoluble compounds formed are removed in a settling tank
  3. The particles in the overflow are removed in a filtration system which can consist out of a precoat filtration unit with cellulose (brine-aid) filteraid
  4. Sparkling clean saturated brine solution enters the membrane cell

Brine filtration solution

Among the brine production process there are several filtration systems involved, Sulphurnet offers both non-pre-coat membrane filters and pre-coat type filters. Filters are fully rubber lined and internals are manufactured from Titanium and polypropylene.


self cleaning candle filter

Self-Cleaning Candle Filter

The primary purpose of the SCCF Self-Cleaning Candle Filter is to achieve the most optimal filtration results and guarantee a sparkling clear brine solution.



Benefits for brine processing: 

  • Fully automated from pre-coating to filtration to the cleaning cycle
  • Reproducibility due to automated processing
  • Reduces maintenance costs and operation losses of the plant
  • Dry cake discharge, less waste
  • Corrosion resistant materials are used
  • Filter support candles suitable for the brine industry in PP, PVDF and PVC


More information about Self-Cleaning Candle Filter


We can also provide:

  • Gas Filters
  • Resin Traps Filters
  • Pressure Leaf Filters
  • Polishing Filters



Besides our equipment’s we can also support you with our services: 


Engineering services:

  • Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Process Design

Consultancy and support


  • Project Management
  • Economic Studies & Cost Control



  • Commissioning & Start-up support
  • Start-Up Supervision

Research and development


More information about our Services



Accessories related to our filtration equipment’s: 

brine filter aids

Brine filter aid

Extensively used in the Caustic Soda industry for filtration levels down to PPB (Parts per Billion).


Advantages for Brine Filtration:

  • Cellulose is characterized by its high aspect ratio, which enables it to pre-coat a septum very easily
  • Cellulose also has the ability to operate in elevated pH environments (above 10)


support candle

Support Filter Elements

Specially designed perforated support candles.


Advantages for Brine Filtration:

  • in PVDF, PP and PVC
  • For all filter brands
  • Very low pressure drop
  • A drainage layer is installed to obtain high flow rates and longer cycle times
  • Can be installed in existing filter systems; offering less pressure drop and longer operation cycles



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