Liquid filtration process for chemical industry

chemical process industry

Do you need more production volume, improved product quality or reduced maintenance costs

When you know your objectives, we can work out the best solution for your needs in the chemical process industry. We can provide a complete filtration solution with true turnkey service.

Let us do all the work for you with our full design package. Over the years, we have gained a high level expertise of various chemical processes, which enables us to deliver reliable systems that are proven in practice. 


Filtration expertise

Over the years we have gained a high level expertise of various chemical processes, which enables us to deliver reliable systems that have proved themselves in practice. Just a few areas of our expertise (opens a new tab):

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The complete filtration process design package

We at Sulphurnet are happy to provide everything you need for your complete filtration process: process engineering services, filtration systems and all the necessary tools that are needed to make the process completed. We are using the latest technology, have experience more than 30 years and are committed to offer successful process solutions.

Filtration Services Accessories  

Filtration solutions

We offer a wide range of filtration solutions:


self-cleaning candle filter

Self-Cleaning Candle Filter

Our Self-Cleaning Candle Filter (SCCF) meets the requirements of the Chemical Process Industry including filtrate clarity (absolute down to 0, 1 µm), easy cake discharge and safe handling.


Benefits for the Chemical Process Industry:

  • An immediate clear filtration  
  • For polishing to high solid load filtration 
  • Short cleaning cycle
  • Dry or slurry cake discharge  
  • No moving parts  
  • Reliable and controllable automatic operation
  • Automation
  • Short cleaning time

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horizontal plate filter

Horizontal Plate Filter

We offer a range of Horizontal Plate Filters that can be used for depth as well as surface filtration:

  • Scavenger
  • Reverse Flow
  • Wash-Off
  • Dual Disc


Benefits for the Chemical Process Industry:

  • All filter systems are manufactured according the requested pressure and temperature
  • Internal surfaces are smooth to prevent the product from sticking to the surface
  • Suitable for a multitude of different purposes
  • Cake stability         
  • Totally enclosed construction
  • Maximum product recovery
  • Quick change cartridge                           
  • Flexibility in operation     
  • High flow rates  

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Our in-house team will support you.

Engineering services:

  • Skid build units

Consultancy and support


Research and development

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We have a wide range of accessories.


Filter media:

  • Filter Papers
  • Filter Cloths
  • SS Steel Filter Media

Pumps & piping

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