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Our products are used in factories worldwide, from small to large. Due to confidentiality statements from various clients, we are unable to show all projects here.

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New Vertical Leaf Filters Areva/Niger 2012

Areva's plants in Niger (COMINAK and SOMÏAR) already had two sulphur filters. But the quick closure system was working poorly. In some days, they needed 12 hours intensive labour only to get the filter open. This was due to the construction failures. The high sulphur operation temperatures was not taken into consideration with the design. Because of this, there were a lot of losses of production and labour. Areva went on the markets for inquiries and based on the recommendations for startup support, Sulphurnet was selected to supply two new Liquid Sulphur Filters. 

The sulphurnet Quick closure is design for the severe conditions in sulphur processing, we implemented heating system in the Quick Closure to prevent corrosion, increase life time of the gasket/seal and I works friction free. Now the filter is opened in 10 minutes without any problem.



vertical leaf filter

Key figures of the project:

  • Number of labor: ~ 50
  • Worked hours: +6000
  • Work accidents 0
  • Estimated costs ~ 190 MFCFA
  • Reduced annual working time 87%
  • Annual saved men hours + 1700
  • Reduced exposure to risk
  • Very sharp decrease risk for operators
Key Savings:    
  Before After
Duration of each opening / closing the filter 1hour 5minutes
Number of labor for each opening / closing 5 mechanics 1 operator