What is happening inside the filter? (II)

Main filtration cake from ideal pre-coat Now that we understand the 3 main possible outcomes of the pre-coat layer, we must understand these are the worst and best possible scenarios,...
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Pressure Leaf Filter Sulphurnet

Filtration flow rate: What’s going on inside the filter? (I)

How the filtration flow rate affects the filter internals and what happens to the particles in the different scenarios? Believe it or not, the flow rate, especially in the pressure leaf...
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Simple Solutions for High Ash Content Levels

Many sulfur burning plants are plagued by high ash content levels, and then contamination of the waste heat boiler and catalyst bed in the converter of the acid plant. The answer...
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Filter Leafs with 2mm frame for free

Good filtration performance begins with high quality filter leafs. We will help you to find the perfect design for your needs. We make custom designed filter leafs for all filter brands....
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