Audit Services


With more than 30 years of accumulated experiences regarding Filtration Systems. We are eager to offer services to help companies improve their filtration systems.

70% of cases where we have been called to solve filtration problems, we have found that it is not always the equipment itself that is the source of the problem but the configuration and operation of the process instead.

For this reason, Sulphurnet is offering audit services to optimise filtration operations!

The introduction of the services is in a no pay exploration basis, this mean the first step in the process where we check on all sort of technical information from your filtration process, is free of charge.

Once we have discovered points for improvement on which we can work on, we enter in to a projection phase and provide you an offer for the discovered necessaires.


The total service program would look as follows:




  1. To start off, our qualified personnel will review the PFD, P&ID’s and Process Description to familiarise with the plant operations.
    1. We will analyse the information you provide to us and identify the possible improvement according to the initial design and the operations procedure you are actually running.
  2. As we find improvement points, we will prepare an offer for the initial reach of the project as we can foresee from the information.
    1. From the improvements we consider efficient enough we will make a list of changes that we recommend and a description of how this will affect the productivity of the filtration, some of these will be measured proven by KPI.
    2. From this we start a negotiation with you on how to address if you want to continue as a project or not.

      (up to here our service is free of cost)





  1. Half day meeting with operators of the plant to discuss the daily routine and operation practice.
    1. Here we collect information from operative hands, where we confirm our suspects and usually discover more details.
  2. 1-5 days review of the system, practical operations with the operators.
    1. In this phase we have the chance to experience the standard daily procedure as well as the challenges faced, this is also the best way to recognise the points already discussed and identify unknown ones.
  3. Presentation findings with staff and operators and discuss improvements.
    1. We will share all our finding in this meeting letting your team know how to address some of them and developing and transmit improvements to the team.
  4. After return to Headquarters we will prepare a report with the findings and recommendations for improvement regarding the process and manuals/operations.
    1. Once in office and with all information we will create a written form of all recommendations, improvements, manuals and reformulation of process necessaries an accepted to achieve the KPI of the accepted proposals.
  5. If necessary Sulphurnet will provide offers resulting from the physical audit.
    1. If new improvement opportunities where found out and accepted, we will also create documents and KPI for them.
    2. We will make commercial offer for the missing equipment’s that may be necessaire for some of the improvements.
  6. Client will have time to implement the recommended improvements.
    1. Now we spect you to implement all these changes before we go and have a second check.
  7. 1-5 days visit to instruct the operators and run a filtration cycle with the new entry.
    1. In this second visit we will go hand on hand checking the proper implementation of these changes, taking record of the indicators and adjusting if necessaire.
  8. Client should record and measure the impact of the changes.
    1. You should also record this indicator that take longer to show, and any other piece of information relevant to the project.
  9. KPI's defined in points 2 and 6 will be checked at the end of the project to verify all goals have been met, and a conformity letter is issued.
    1. At this point it must be visible the changes consequence of the improvements, some show by the KPI and others by simple sight.
    2. If there is any point not meeting the minimum acceptable results, we will act towards it within acceptable boundaries.
    3. When all is fine and you are satisfied, we will sign a conformity letter of our service.
  10. End
    1. As we meet we will bring the cake.