Filtration and treating of amine: the cleaner the solution

amine treating

Do you have challenges with amine foaming, corrosion or fouling in your process? 

When you know your objectives, we can work out the best solution for your amine processing needs. We can provide a complete filtration solution with true turnkey service. Let us do all the work for you with our full design package.



Complete filtration process

We at Sulphurnet are happy to provide everything you need for your complete filtration process: process engineering services, filtration systems and all the necessary tools that are needed to make the process completed. We are using the latest technology, have experience more than 30 years and are committed to offer successful process solutions.

Filtration Services Accessories


How the amine operation works?

Amine systems become contaminated with organic and inorganic contaminants due to various reasons. These solids can cause severe problems in the process, like foaming which causes poor system performance and corrosion which reduces equipment life time.


amine process


The system consists of the following components:

  1. Activated carbon injection system
  2. Static mixer
  3. Pre-coat tank with impellor and pre-coat pump
  4. Pre-coat particle filter
  5. Polishing filter

Problems with activated Carbon Bed Filter?

And want to get rid of it? We can assist you with this and improve the activated carbon filtration process. Carbon, removed in the pre-coat filter, is continuously added to the amine solution and mixed thoroughly in the static mixer. This method removes the surface-active contaminants and hydrocarbons that contribute to foaming.


Particle filters in combination with Activated Carbon Bed Filters are used in the amine treatment. Due the high investment cost, complex and difficult replacement of the activated carbon Sulphurnet offers a different solution.


In Sulphurnet design the activated carbon is added to the amine and will be removed in the particle filter down stream. This set up guarantees a good contact time between the activated carbon and efficient removal of the carbon. This solution offers the following advantages:

  • Prevention of amine foaming
  • Reduced corrosion problems
  • Reduced fouling problems in the process
  • Maintaining of amine efficiency and plant capacity 

Filtration solutions: the entire seamless filtration skid

We offer an entire seamless filtration skid.

self-cleaning candle filter

Self-Cleaning Candle Filter

The ideal solution for gas sweetening filtration processes, with perfect results. The Self-Cleaning Candle Filter is used as pre-coat filter.


Benefits for the Gas Sweetening Process:

  • Automated and reproducible
  • Enclosed filter system improves Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) performance
  • Custom-made for your needs
  • More efficient than the use of activated carbon
  • More efficient operation
  • Manufactured according to NACE standards

More information about Self-Cleaning Candle Filter


polishing filter

Polishing Filter

A polishing filter is installed at the outlet of the Self-Cleaning Candle Filter to prevent fines from entering the amine circuit.



Benefits for the Gas Sweetening Process:

  • Absolute filtration efficiency due to excellent design and high quality materials
  • Excellent sealing performance and super high dirt holding capacity
  • Maximizes the economic benefits by significantly reducing usage/maintenance costs
  • Reduces investment costs
  • More efficient carbon treatment



Consultancy and Support

  • Upgrading of existing filter systems
  • Trouble shooting
  • Optimization of existing filter

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We have several accessories of the entire filtration skid.

filter media

Filter media for Amine Filters:

The Super-High-Dirty-Holding Cartridge offers a super high filtration rate. Filter materials and core are 10% polypropylene, retention from 1 - 20 microns.


Amine aid:

A cellulose-based filter aid for pre-coat filters in amine filtration. Less pressure differential, longer filtration cycles.


Activated carbon:

Can be supplied in bulk or in canisters. We can insert the required grade of Activated Carbon in canisters.



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